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What we do

Specially trained volunteers with first hand parenting experience are carefully matched with families who are visited in their own homes.  They can offer:

  • Support, friendship and practical assistance
  • Reassurance to parents that their childcare problems are not unusual or unique
  • Encouragement to strengthen parents’  emotional well-being for the ultimate benefit of their children
  • Help to put the fun back into family life
  • Help to increase the confidence and independence of families
  • Precious time for listening and talking
  • Help with the children
  • A break for parents
  • Support to use local services and resources
  • Our support is free, confidential and non-judgemental.  The only criteria needed for a referral to our services is that you have to have at least one child under the age of five.  All our staff and volunteers are DBS checked.

If you would like to refer yourself, or someone you know to our service, please download the referral form:

If you would like to become a home-visiting volunteer, please download the volunteer application form:

The Home-Start Network

The Home-Start network consists of Home-Start UK and 260 affiliated local Home-Starts. Together they form the Home-Start service, delivering one-to-one support, friendship and practical help to young families.

All local Home-Starts are supported by Home-Start UK. Home-Start UK is an independently registered charity that provides the support that local Home-Starts need to carry out their family support work through: up-to-date training for staff, volunteers and trustees; information and guidance on governance; legal and human resources advice; help with fundraising; lobbying of national and local government and funders; running volunteer recruitment campaigns; providing national quality standards; supporting community groups to set up new local Home-Starts and representing Home-Start on national, regional and local fora

Home-Start Cardiff

Home-Start Cardiff is a newly created charity, formed by merging Home-Start Cardiff East and Home-Start BGR.  Both schemes started in 2000, serving different geographical areas of the city of Cardiff, but offering the same support service.  They have recently merged to form Home-Start Cardiff. It is an independently registered charity, set up and run by local staff and volunteers. We have 9 paid members of staff, 2 full time and 7 part time, and alongside this we have 40 volunteers, and 9 trustees. The Trustees make up the management board of the charity, and consist of a local councillor, health professionals and local residents/parents.

Over the last year Home-Start Cardiff has supported 160 families through home-visiting volunteers and at our group support sessions. This included 328 children, 203 of whom were under five. Ten percent of the children we work with are on the Child Protection Register or have a child care plan in place.  We also support 57 children who are registered as disabled.

Management Committee:
Chair: John Griffiths
Treasurer: Geoff Morgans
Volunteer rep: Val Cole
Kath Bergmanski (Safeguarding)
Glenda Porter
Michelle Matheron
Megan Ford
Celia Dyson
Judith John – Scheme Manager
Rhian Smith – Senior Coordinator
Deborah Gibby – Senior Coordinator
Ruth Triggs – Scheme Coordinator
Alyson Chichester – Scheme Coordinator
Gaida Missouri – Refugee&Asylum Support Worker
Kate Montefiore  –  Family Support Worker – Neuro Development
Lynne Powell – Volunteer Development Officer
Lucy Compton – Administrator/Finance

If you would like to view a copy of the Home-Start Cardiff Annual Report 2016/17, please click here.